I’m not good with managing servers. Every time I needed to set up new production server I was going through same resources on the internet; copy - pasting commands into terminal. There must be a better way.

I first tried Puppet with Vagrant for building development environment in a virtual machine. But I didn’t like git submodules for managing puppet components . I know there are better options, but I was using this for some time. Then I saw video from Jamie Winsor about Berkshelf. I was sold. In my head this clicked like using Rubygems for building servers.

Fast forward. I’ve just pushed first commits of Digital Ocean Ruby cookbook. It will let you create and provision a Droplet on Digital Ocean’s cloud as well on your local machine with help of Vagrant and VirtualBox.

In this specific cookbook written with Chef you’ll get rbenv which will build and install Ruby version that you want, newest Postgres database and newest node.js. All this will be running on Ubuntu 12.04 64. Cookbook is in very early stage at the moment and I’ll add more options to it later on. For more information just check out the README.

With it I can build new server for any project with just a few commands in a terminal. Isn’t that sweet?