I’m addicted to the state called flow. I’d like to be in the flow all the time. It’s my forget-about-reallity drug. I’m not unhappy, but being in this state is most calm mode I’ve ever known. There is no distraction, no anxiousness, no stress. Just you and the thing you’re focusing on.

When you’re not in the flow you might be constantly switching your attention from one thing to another. What is this good for? Does our brain like that? I don’t believe we have a control over it. What we do have control over, is how much interruptions we let ourselves to be disturbed from.

Exercise: close as many browser tabs you can

How do you feel? Was it hard? Bookmarking tab before closing it is cheating :) Why is this even hard? Why do we think we might lost something when doing that? Why don’t we reverse situation and think about how many things we’re losing because we don’t close those fucking tabs?

Many things are written about how to be more focused. I’d throw them in same bucket as diet methods. At the end of the day it’s hard work, dedication and grit. It becomes easier with right habits.

Dedication. You can’t be dedicated to simple TODO goals. Plan and execute your plans.

Don’t forget to take your time. Short term goals are less important than long term ones. Be consistent, stay consistent and you’ll achieve whatever you are up to.