Aida is a dreamer. It’s year of 2035.

Being a dreamer is respected job. Dreamers are people who deliberately practice dreaming. They stream their dreams into digital world, so machines can analyze them. Dreams are generating most random data we’ve ever seen.

Not every person is a good dreamer. Aida is fortunate enough to be born with dreaming skill. Now she is using it to help scientists analyze how new mental models are made.

Energy trading

In 2029 we’ve discovered that mental energy can be transferred from one person to another. In 2030 we already got first commercial interface. People that possessed most mental energy could now trade it to those who were lacking it. Usual transfer would be hippie to CEO.

This was first technological breakthrough that gave poor people ability to trade their energy well. Literally over night they could trade their mental energy for huge amounts of money, because rich people would pay really well to get a bit of this new fix. World got more balanced again and people were happy.