A fellow said that React doesn’t look anything new to him. I’ll try to explain the differences on a fairly simple example I used before.


Performance is much better with React. We’re doing same number of renders on both examples. Click on Run with JS on bottom right of each JSBin example, and then click on the rendered bags. There are 5000 of them. I suspect Backbone’s bottleneck is coming from underscores building of strings and then shoving them into the DOM via $.html. I am not really sure how React handles this example (we know it must update all non-selected items class) and still preserves good performance. I’d guess it’s because it doesn’t need to juggle with giant strings like Backbone.


Backbone example

Code reasoning

I find Backbone’s code simple and readable. What I dislike about it

  • putting view state into model’s properties show and class. It’s most straight forward thing I could think of
  • separation of technologies instead of concerns - underscore template (click HTML tab on JSBin and close all others to see what’s going on) and Backbone View code is separated so we need to look at two files to know what and how it will be rendered
  • order of lines inside handleItemClick method is important. We need to save alreadyOpened before we change all items to collapse them
  • we need to know and tell Backbone that we want to do first change silently. Otherwise we’d trigger a ton of re-renders and performance would be much worse
  • code is mostly imperative


React example

How React is better

  • only state we hold is one boolean (expandedProductId) and Shop component holds (also encapsulates) it. In React applications you never ask for state of another component
  • for model we use plain JavaScript array
  • code is even simpler and more declarative


Example is extremely simple and doesn’t help us see real benefit or comparison for real projects. I actually think that with enough discipline even big Backbone application can stay fairly simple and is easy enough to maintain. But I know for a fact, it’s not all roses.

Most hard problems comes because object state can be mutated from anywhere. Also, Backbone doesn’t help you with state separation. State is creeping into models and views from many places. We are (at least I am) really bad at holding the state, of where changes might come from, in our heads.

If you’re a bit more interested in React now, I suggest you to watch this videos