I was always a “IDE person”. Since my mid-school days I was taught how to use one. Started with Delphi, then on to Visual Studio, Eclipse and later IntelliJ IDEA.

Especially last one stuck with me. I love what JetBrains are doing. I got used to their shortcuts, features and all the goodies they provide. Especially hardcore backup-ing (Local history) of everything you ever write. Even if you somehow delete whole directory by mistake you can easily get it back with this feature.

What turned me down at last are two things. First one is memory consumption. I know memory is getting cheaper every day and we have more of it but there are other applications that are getting heavier every day too. Second one, and more related to my switch, was coupling with tools / framework decisions and such.

I’m talking about Ruby on Rails decision to support spring out of the box. I love it, it makes everything faster. But then Ruby Mine doesn’t have support for it yet. This was my turning point. I don’t want to be so dependent to my tools of choice. I know that in near future this will be fixed in RubyMine (update: it’s fixed).

And also I’m working on two machines. One is a desktop PC running Windows and another is MacBook Air. To have same environment on both computers I use this nice trick to sync all Sublime Text configuration files and have same look and feel on both machines.

I tried to be efficient in VIM for so many times that I’m kinda loosing hope there. At the end, what I’m all about is to get work done and editor should not stand in my way. I know it can enhance your productivity and efficiency but maybe a drop from IDE directly to VIM is a too big for me.

Update: I’m still coming back to JetBrains products. What bugs me the most with ST is that fuzzy search feature won’t remember what was my last search. I’m so used to have it like that. I hope new editor might be a better choice and I’ll be able to customize it myself since it’s written in {Java,Coffee}Script.